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Nyero Rock Paintings

Uganda has been blessed with a variety of magnificent attractions, many of which have been spread across many parts of the world. Today on the list is the Nyero Rock Paintings. Much of the visitors who come to Uganda frequently do gorilla trekking safari tours as a leading pursuit in their itinerary, ignoring the magnificent attractions that the Pearl of Africa has been blessed with.

There’s a lot of secret history in eastern Uganda in a spot called Nyero Rocks in the Kumi district that you’d definitely like to unmask. The 3 rock shelters in the Kumi district contain rock drawings that date back millennia, possibly could have been written in the Stone Age period. These are the iconic Nyero Rock paintings, an attraction that gathers scores every year.

The famous Nyero rock paintings are said to have been structured by the very early people who settled in the region. Some accounts say that the extinct Batwa clan that currently exists in the southeast of Uganda may have origins in the region. This has been verified by several archaeologists who have made several comparisons with ancient rock art. The district of Kumi is actually primarily inhabited by the Iteso.

If you are thinking of the Uganda Cultural Safari Tour, which connects to the East, then you should imagine getting two or three hours of reciting the history of these mysterious rock art paintings. It’s one of those attractions you’re going to fall in love with. Any of the visitors who make their respective destinations to Nyero Rock Paintings also get a chance to explore the 3 caves around the landmark. Our Uganda Safaris, which extend to the wild boundary of the Kidepo Valley National Park or Mount Elgon National Park, have this sightseeing experience on the Itinerary. This is essential because these destinations are not that far away from each other and they located in the same region.

In the Nyero rock paintings, there is usually a site guide. This guide will teach you the history of the area and show you through the caves, too. Above the rocks is an outstanding landscape. This has a view that could make you marvel. There are also Monkeys and some reptiles. The feeling is just as incredible as it is, the best spot to rest and admire the beauty of nature can feel the breathtaking breeze that comes with it.

Walking with caution is one of the steps to take during your stay. During the rainy season, these rocks are particularly slick. Another thing you shouldn’t hesitate to do is ask questions about the landmark, be free to air it all out, and you will learn a lot more than you expect. Try taking pictures and even after your return destination, making your own observations. A big segment of tourism in Uganda is the Nyero rock paintings, perhaps one of those places that will spice up your safari to Uganda.

Will you like to venture into the caves of Nyero to see the paintings of rock art in person? Only book a trip with us today and we’ll make your dream come true. We plan it for you, but rather include a trip to Nyero rock paintings as part of the experience of Kidepo Valley National Park, On top of Uganda gorilla trekking safari tour.

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