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The 8 Days Mount Rwenzori Hiking tour offers you remarkable Wildlife and Hiking Adventure tours in Uganda you watch the various Wildlife animals of Queen Elizabeth National Park and Hike to the top of the highest point in Uganda is the Margherita Peak on Mountain Rwenzori a block mountain found in East Africa. The Mountain lies on the border of Uganda and therefore the Democratic Republic of Congo serving as a transboundary resource between the 2 countries receiving annual rainfall of 600.

Day 1: Journey to the Rwenzori Mountains

The journey to the Rwenzori Mountains passes through Kasese through the captivating attractions just like the royal drum makers, the Equator providing you with a chance of being in both hemispheres right away. This beautiful journey goes through roadside markets aerated with fruit and vegetables. Continuing to the escarpment overlooking the Great Rift Valley before getting to your hotel and the Rwenzori Mountains acting as a majestic backdrop is worthy. Dinner & overnight stay at Equator Snow Lodge.

Accommodation: Equator Snow Lodge

Day 2: Nyakalengija trailhead (1600m) to Nyabitaba (2650m

Adventurous hiking to the Rwenzori Mountains starts from the Nyakalengija trailhead (1600m). Through the banana shambas on the side of the steep foothills and also the homesteads at the foothills then following the trail along the Mubuku River is great.
The hiking of the Rwenzori Mountains continues by crossing the Mahoma River then climb through slopes and Podocarpus forest. Dinner & Overnight stay at Nyabitaba Hut.

Accommodation: Nyabitaba Hut

Day 3: Heading to John Matte (3350m

From the Nyabitaba hut, passing through a small trail slopping down through the forest to the Kurt Shafer Bridge below the convergence of the Bujuku and Mubuku Rivers is another stage in the Rwenzori Mountains. Hiking out of the forest in Rwenzori into a bamboo zone by a long stretch of slippery moss-covered ground is adventurous. Through the zone of lobelia, the giant heather and groundsel, to Nyamileju rock shelter then pass across a laborious bog to your hut. Dinner & Overnight stay at John Matte Hut.

Accommodation: John Matte Hut

Day 4: Hike to Bujuku (3900m)

Another trail in the Rwenzori Mountains will lead you right across the Bujuku River before entering Lower Bigo Bog, home of giant lobelias. Crossing the bog to the Upper Bigo bog, continue to Bujuku Lake, giving an opportunity to view one of the high peaks of mountain Stanley to the West. Dinner & overnight stay at Bujuku Hut.

Accommodation: Bujuku Hut

Day 5: Hike to Elena (4541m)

From Bujuku hut, the adventurous trailheads to the slopes west of the lake through the paranormal Groundsel Gully then ascend to Scott-Elliot Pass (4372m). Passing over a particularly steep section up to Elena Hut and Mt Stanley over a steep rocky trail, while the left results in Scott-Elliot Pass and right down to Kitandara Lakes.
Dinner & overnight stay at Elena Hut (4541m) at the bottom of the Stanley Glacier.

Accommodation: Elena Hut

Day 6: Elena Hut (4541m) to the peak (5109m) or begin the descent to Kitandara Hut (4023m)

Those who do not want to climb the Margherita peak will transfer from Elena Hut to Kitandara Hut (4023m). And those who want to continue to the Margherita peak (5109m) will have three hours up and later down to Kitandara Hut. Climb on to the glacier moving on to the Stanley Plateau to the Margherita summit, the very best point of the Rwenzori Mountain. Back through Scott-Elliot view the magical Bujuku Lake and Mt Speke at a distance than down to the Kitandara Lakes. Dinner & overnight stay at Kitandara Hut.

Accommodation: Kitandara Hut

Day 7: Hike to Guy Yeoman (3260m)

After breakfast, a pointy climb from the bottom of Mt Baker to the side of the mountain to Freshfield Pass (4280m). Views into the Congo to the west and Mt Stanley to the north are possible. From the pass, the boggy pass continues downwards, passing the rock shelter at Bujangolo, the base camp for the historic expedition by the Duke of Abruzzi in 1906. Dinner & overnight stay at Guy Yeoman Hut.

Accommodation: Lodge at Guy Yeoman Hut

Day 8: Hike through Nyakalengiija Trail Head (1600m) and Departure

Having had a morning breakfast and load up on the Equipment. Later, the porters and the climbing partly finally descent out of the Mountains. Trekking will be through a 6 hours walk that goes past the nearby Lake Mahona and Nyabitaba and passes through the healthier area around the Moss zone.
Drive to Kampala via Kasese then transfer to the airport for the departure flight.

Accommodation: Not applicable (End of tour)

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