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what to know before going on an Wildlife safari

what to know before going on an Wildlife safari? Are you planning to go on a safari in Africa? You ain’t alone! After all, a wildlife safari is like no other. It’s just you and wild, untamed mother nature at its finest. As you would imagine, before you go on a safari, there’s a lot for you to understand and practice to ensure that your first safari is up to standards.

First, Be open-minded and flexible;

Every safari drive is special and therefore unpredictable, so try not to panic about the things you can’t manage. Often you won’t see it, sometimes you’ll see a lot, sometimes it’s going to take longer than you planned, and sometimes it’s going to be harder than you expected. Be prepared for warm or cold days, for wind or heat, for mosquitoes and flies, and mostly for a tough journey. If most of the time you’re driving on gravel or sand paths, often the driver may try to cross a river, drive through a bush, or cross a stone field. May do all this if he following a lion’s pride in Queen Elizabeth national park on an experiential lion tracking.

secondly, Stick to the safety guidelines.

Sit in your car all the time, the rules are there for a specific cause. Animals are very well camouflaged, and you just don’t see them until too late. Don’t come too close to the elephants, don’t make noise or hold your hands and camera near the cats and never stand between the hippo and the river. In fact, hippos are very mean, besides mosquitoes, they are the most dangerous African species, so you don’t want to get them disturbed.

Thirdly, Have Questions to Ask.

The guides of Century Gorilla Safaris Ltd are very informative and you will hear a lot about wildlife, their behavior, and the world in which they live. Before your gorilla trekking safari tour, your safari guide will tell you a lot about gorillas as well as some of the exciting stories of people whom we have taken for gorilla trekking.

Fourthly, Ask to stop whenever you see something interesting.

You think you have a gap to see anything, but you’re not sure or want to photograph a zebra once again. Do not be afraid to ask the car to halt. To give you the best safari experience, the guide is there for you.

Lastly, Take multiple photographs

You will actually make 25 photos the first time you see a zebra, the next time you take 10, and you will barely notice it by the end of the week. After that, you can still erase the images and just take the best one, so you can take pictures, so there’s no chance of a better one. Often you can be very blessed and wildlife on the very first drive of the game. Don’t suppose it’s going to be that often! Take images of everything you see, because you never know if you get another chance.

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